Vietnam Album

Now published for the first time: hundreds of the best photos of the Vietnam War from the Army's own combat correspondents, along with oral histories, letters home, and first-person accounts of the long muddy patrols, the search and destroy missions, the donut dollies, life back in base camp, and the cynical stalemate that followed as the long war ground down to an end.

In Country
Going to War Rice Paddies Indigenous Personnel Tu Do Street
Into the Jungle The Big Muddy Elephant Grass My Day
In the Boonies Platoon Leader

Ho Chi Minh Trail On The Border Pockets The Tunnels
Another Voice Chieu Hoi Coca-Cola Girl Body Count
Forward Base Infantry RTOs M-16s
On Patrol Vipers Armor Air Cav
Cu Chi Base Camp HQ Admin
Supply & Maint Signal Artillery Air Support
Search and Destroy
In the Villages Sort them Out Hearts and Minds Pacification
Stand Down
Cleaning Up At Ease Mail from Home In the Bunker
Donut Dollies MEDCAPS
Forward Follow Me Scattered Action Hot LZ
Tet Hotel Alpha Live Fire I'm Hit Bad
Soldier Down Million Dollar Wound Total Confusion Medics
Choppered Out Triage The Odds Graves

Losing at Home The War Goes On Hate This Place It Was Stupid
Back to the World

Getting Out Cease Fire Good Soldiers  
Contributors Correspondents TimeLine  

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