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The New Old Age; Exercise, Fall in Love, and Change the World

Forget baby boomers and millennials. In the next 20 years the number of people over 65 in the US will nearly double from about 12 percent of the population to about 24 percent, the biggest leap in longevity in human history. And these seniors are not just smelling the roses.
We Are All Living Longer
attack on disease old age boom seniors still working jobs
The Attack on Disease The Old Age Boom Senior Households Jobs in the Future
In a Changing World
seniors still working old age ailments memory problems stages of development
Seniors Still Working Old Age
Memory Problems Development Stages
New Relationships
friendships fade social interaction drops loneliness alone
Friendships Fade Social Interaction Drops Seniors Less Alone Women on Their Own
partners Altruism cirle of friends
Seniors w Partners Altruism Increases Circle of Friends The Social Brain
Health and Happiness
individualism values ikegai happiness
Individualism Values Change Ikegai U-curve of Happiness

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