A long-time systems architect, media executive and consultant, Christopher Burns has been involved in many of the breakthrough applications of new technology to the publishing and information industries over the last thirty years. Assignments often include such elements as:

Market research
Technology forecasts
Long range business planning
System architecture

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shield Assist in the design and development of a new digital publishing platform for books, magazines, newsletters and educational materials. Harvard Business School Press
Design and development of a patented online system for granting copyright licenses to musical works. National Music Publishers Association
Research and design of a corporate-wide system for digital asset management, including text, image, audio, graphic elements, data and executable software. Major US publishing company
Design and development of the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) now the worldwide standard for identifying scientific and technical materials on the Internet. Association of American Publishers
Development of the ONIX database specification, the metadata standard widely adopted by online book retailers and publishers in the United States and Europe. Association of American Publishers
aol Design and develop a news service. America Online
Evaluation of multiple new digital publishing technologies and business opportunities. Hewlett Packard
ieee Research into present and future patterns of scientific and technical information acquisition in the Internet age. Worldwide corporate, academic and government libraries as well as individual scientists. Institute for Electronics and Electrical Engineers
aha Needs analysis and strategy for corporate communications, including member publications, advocacy and new media. American Hospital Association
Evaluate and forecast opportunties for digital copyright management. Reciprocal
cardstack Design of an intellectual property management system based on Internet technology. Major US consulting company
un Analysis and design for the five-language documentation and publishing system. United Nations Headquarters (NY)

Design and development of a satellite network for delivering newspaper advertising. Consortium of US and Japanese investors (Tokyo)

upi Design and implementation of world-wide satellite and computer technology for gathering and delivering the news. Executive Editor. United Press International
Multiple business planning and technology evaluations, acquisition anaysis and technology forecasting. Reuters
Research and design of document management system for classified and unclassified information. International Atomic Energy Agency (Vienna)
oecd Economic analysis and forecast of electronic publishing in the United States. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (Paris)
ireland Evaluation of technical and economic infrastructure required for business development in new technology industries. Industrial Development Authority, Republic of Ireland (Dublin)
  Other clients have included the New York Times, Time, Inc., McGraw-Hill, Edmunds.com. NBC and Dun & Bradstreet.
  Before starting his own consulting practice, Mr. Burns was Vice President Planning for the Washington Post Company, Associate Publisher of the Minneapolis Star and Tribune and a staff consultant at Arthur D. Little, Inc. He is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Information Industry Association and Association of Information Managers and has participated in several start-up companies in the digital publishing industry. He is the author of eleven books, and holds patents in areas of online advertising and the Internet of Things.
cover Deadly Decisions: How False Knowledge Sank the Titanic, Blew up the Shuttle and Led America Into War, Christopher Burnsstars

Mr. Burns is the author most recently of Deadly Decisions, searching the biology of the brain, the behavior of groups and the structure of organizations for practical answers to the problem of virtual truth--elaborate constructs of interally consistent evidence and assumptions that purport to describe reality, but are often dead wrong.

"If the Information Age ever had a wakeup call it is this. Deadly Decisions points out the perils as well as the promise of betting our lives on information, at a time when we have no other choice." Leland Schwartz, States News Service.

"This is a very important book for this particular time." Ben Bradlee, The Washington Post .amazon

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